There's only one Elm Plating Co.

We’re a high-volume production metal finisher, providing zinc barrel plating, heat treating, dip spin coating and anodizing services to auto, auto-related and other industries.

Our People are our primary resource and the reason for our success. Elm’s People-Oriented Philosophy is reinforced by respect, development of self esteem, and its ongoing efforts in training of all Company personnel.

Our goal is to provide the market with the highest quality finishes, service, and turnaround time, at a fair and competitive price. This goal will be accomplished with maximum emphasis on total quality and continuous improvement by each and every employee at Elm Plating Company.

You can count on Elm for:

  • Exceptional quality and consistency of performance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt delivery schedules set-up on consistent frequencies
  • Dependability
  • Responsive turnaround of all job orders and quote requests
  • Quick and detailed responses to all customer-related issues


Elm is continually working to find ways of improving operations while keeping costs down.

Tied into Elm’s service is the policy of listening to customers, learning what they want, and responding appropriately. By listening to customers and learning their expectations, Elm can achieve the goal of customer satisfaction through quality finished products and on-time delivery.

Elm responds instantly to production issues and questions, quick response is the best solution to customer satisfaction. Committed to growth, Elm has invested heavily in technology – the newest and best available – that processes product faster, with better consistency.

Elm is continually re-inventing itself through staff training and improved processes that make it unique in the field, led by a management team who is smart, aggressive, motivated and dedicated to excellence.


Though Elm Plating has been in business since 1951 with one-family ownership, plating today is much different than it was fifty years ago. Automation, computerization, more demands on quality, the latest machining technology and skilled technicians are just a few components that set Elm Plating apart from – and ahead of – other companies. Communication with customers takes precedence in the way Elm does business… listening, responding… making the customer’s needs the number one priority, even when modifications or changes develop. The old “customer-first” policy is as firmly entrenched at Elm Plating today as it was back in the 1950’s.


As a separate company employed on-site, Test Laboratories U.S.A., an ISO / IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory, performs an array of testing techniques that enable Elm Plating to be a leader in the industry. Highly trained technicians are on staff to assure that customer specified thickness is achieved, Salt Spray Testing is performed as required by ASTM B-117 and Torque Tension Testing is verified to the performance of the finishes applied. Test Laboratories U.S.A. can also assist you with your commercial testing needs in the area of hardness, salt spray and/or torque-tension. This service can be provided for our current customers or for a potential new customer.


Elm Plating has taken many safety measures to avoid pollution, devotedly following ISO 14001 Environmental Standards. Elm Plating uses a highly sophisticated cost effective water recycling and waste reduction system that greatly reduces risk to the environment. Environmental safety is a high priority with Elm Plating Company.